Why Are Jute Bags The Better Alternative?

Our planet’s desperate need for eco-friendly alternatives cannot be ignored. Prolonged use of harmful materials has already taken a heavy toll on our environment and serious steps need to be taken to ameliorate our present condition.

When it comes to battling pollution, jute bags have time and again proven to be the better alternative compared to other fabrics. There are several reasons why we need to make the switch immediately.

Jute bags are made from jute plants that are extremely beneficial right from their inception. The jute plant achieves full maturity within 4 to 6 months. On top of that, they require less fertilizer as weeds and pests do not get enough time to breed on them. They also require less cultivation land and even support future crops to be nutrient-rich and pest-free.

Jute plants also need less amount of water and mostly relies upon rainfall to grow. Which means that jute farmers do not need to bother with irrigation. The jute plant also has a low carbon footprint. Research shows that only one hectare of jute plants can absorb up to 15 tons of CO2 and release 11 tons of oxygen during the average season.

Jute bags are becoming very popular due to these positive points. There is a growing demand for jute bags in the market. There are many trendy and appealing jute bag designs available nowadays.

Jute bags are versatile, lightweight and washable. Along with that, they are naturally strong and durable. Hence, they are able to carry heavy materials effortlessly. They are also quite resilient to wear and tear. The breathable fabric also maintains the hygiene quotient of goods effectively. People can easily use jute bags for lunch, groceries, shopping, among other things.

In terms of their environmental impact, jute bags are biodegradable, reusable and recyclable. They last longer but get decomposed within only two weeks. Thus, they do not contribute to the waste pollution of earth.

India is renowned as being the largest jute manufacturer since our humid climate is perfect for jute cultivation. Keeping the planet’s population in mind, making the switch may seem daunting right now. But people are warming up to the world of eco-friendly alternatives, slowly but steadily.

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