Jute: The Next Step of Eco-friendly Fashion

Fashion is an indispensable part of our lives. But in recent times, the term ‘fast fashion’ has become a hot topic for discussion. This alludes to the practice of the manufacture and consumption of large quantity of fashion apparels in a short amount of time. This frantic hoarding of clothes is harmful for both the environment and psyche of consumers.

Such fashion trends are a serious drain on our finite sources of energy. The rampant water pollution and landfills overflowing with toxic textile waste are alarming. The onus is not only on the consumers but also the fashion industry as a whole. They seem to have normalized this phenomenon so much that the damage may become irreversible soon.

What’s hopeful is that eco-friendly fashion is swiftly taking over the world by storm. Especially since the pandemic, there has been an increased awareness about the necessity of being environmentally conscious among the masses. “Organic,” “sustainable”, “100% recyclable” are the new buzzwords that people are flocking to while making purchases.

However, one of the main hindrances that we are facing as a nation is low accessibility due to lack of options in this category. This means that consumers are compelled to resort to international brands that are often highly priced.

The solution to this is right there in front of us. India, along with being the largest producer of jute in the world, is also its largest global exporter as well. This makes the switch to jute products as easy as it comes! Jute, literally termed as “the golden fibre” owing to its shiny golden colour, is the saviour we need in these times!

The benefits of jute are endless right from its inception. Grown within a short period of six months, jute does not require much water or pesticides to flourish. Jute products are low on carbon footprint and are bio-degradable, reusable, recyclable, sustainable and the list goes on! Thus, it’s quite evident that jute covers all the bases minus the inflated prices.

On top of all the good jute does for our environment, the versatility of jute products is unparalleled. Take the next step in fashion today by making sustainable yet stylish choices. Make unique and impactful fashion statements with our vibrant and eco-friendly jute bags. Whether you need to carry your essentials to the beach or need to run a quick errand to the grocery store – there is a bag for every occasion here at Jutify. Fashion is reinventing itself, are you?

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