How are Jute Bags Making a Difference to the Environment?

Did you know jute is a widely available natural fabric? This makes jute a crucial choice in today’s fashion when faced with environmental crises like climate change and waste management. But many question the relevance of jute as a trendy option for bags. Do you think so too? Then read on to know why jute bags are as good for the environment as it is for the fashion world.

Rapid decomposition rate

One of the reasons why the fibre is considered to be environment friendly is its swift decomposition rate. Also, unlike certain materials, it’s completely degradable. So, when you discard a jute bag, it degrades naturally without harming the environment or adding to the landfills.

Low energy

Jute bags require minimal energy during production, thus it saves tons of energy consumption. They also have a low carbon footprint making it a safe & viable option for bags.

100% natural

Synthetic fibres are not only harmful for the environment but in many cases for the skin as well. Jute bags are safe to use.

Can be used many times

Bags made of jute can be used for years. Durable and with less worries for wear & tear, these are usable for the longest period.

What makes a material harmful for the environment?

  • Non-degradability
  • High energy requirements
  • High carbon footprint
  • Single usability

Jute bags are the complete antithesis for toxicity. So, next time you use a jute bag, remember you are helping the environment.

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