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You don’t have to be environmentally conscious to know that plastics are wreaking havoc on our planet, and our next choice when it comes to bags generally tends towards paper bags. But besides the obvious properties of lack of durability and water-absorbency of Paper, did you know that between Jute and Paper, Jute is the greener option?

Now that should have already convinced you to choose Jute, but if that hasn’t, read on the next few points to seal your faith on why Jute should be your first option —


  • Eco-friendly –


I don’t know how many of you are into current affairs, but wildfires, melting ice-caps, unusual rise in temperatures, etc. are pretty much the norm now, and you know why that is? Yep! You guessed it! Higher Carbon footprint! And while it may not seem like such a big deal now, if we don’t lower the carbon footprint, you can bid the world as we know it goodbye.

We at Jutify believe in creating eco-friendly products for the good of society at large. Our jute bags have very low carbon footprint and are hence, eco-friendly, so you can use them to your heart’s content without worrying about harming the environment.


  • Durability –


You know when we shop a little extra and the lower end of the bag gives away? Yeah, unfortunately, most of us have been there, but you can rid yourself of all of those worries with Jutify’s durable and sturdy Jute Bags. The number one benefit of Jute Bags is their durability, and we guarantee you just that.

Shop all you want, we’ve got you!


  • Recyclable –


As we’ve already mentioned, at Jutify we are passionate about making the world a better place to live in. Our jute bags are 100% biodegradable, low-energy recyclable and can even be used as compost for your garden. In continuation from the introduction, paper on the other hand takes longer to biodegrade, uses more energy in its recycling process, and composts poorly. And let’s not even go into a discussion about the recyclability of plastics.

This is why we can safely conclude that, when it comes to recyclability, Jute is a clear winner.


  • Easily washable and reusable –


Even if you aren’t a penny pincher, you can’t be buying a bag every month, can you? And with Jutify’s Jute bags you don’t need to! We promise you sustainable jute bags which will be good as new with just one wash. Also, jute is highly resistant to elements of nature and water, which is why you can reuse them for a very long time.


  • Stylish and Trendy –


Trust us when we say that being ecologically conscious is on trend now! But even if you aren’t very sold on the idea, Jutify’s Jute Bags are eye-catching and naturally stylish. Our jute bags are available in different styles and colours, and the variety is exhaustive. We guarantee that the next time you go out with our bag, people are definitely going to ask you where you bought it from.

People all over the world are now choosing to use Jute bags, and we as a Jute Bags Manufacturer, think you should too. Join the eco-conscious (a.k.a. the effortlessly cool) club today.

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