Environment-Friendly Packaging — Need of the Hour!

Plastic pollution is starting to have catastrophic effects on the world’s ecosystem. One of the biggest sources of plastic pollution is its use in daily living—packaging. From vegetables to food packets, several household commodities are sold in plastic packets. As the government takes more steps to reduce plastic usage, hence, manufacturing-logistics companies too need to start adopting environment-friendly practices and move towards green packaging solutions.

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Historically, India was known for adopting practices, solutions in harmony with nature. For instance, jute fibre was widely used as a nature-friendly packaging material. Jute cultivation can be done all year round and is harvested every six months. Thus, even a small plot of land produces a large amount of annual crop yield. It is an easily renewable resource. This is why jute is known as the ‘Golden Fibre’ because of its low economic value and numerous advantageous applications.

Jute fibre is extremely strong and durable. They are tougher than other packaging materials like paperboard or wood pulp. The natural fibre is moisture-resistant and can handle pronged exposure to water and adverse weather conditions. Jute also has ventilating and absorbent properties, which serve well as a packaging material.

Jute bags are eco-friendly and completely sustainable. The fibre is biodegradable and easily recyclable. It can also be used for composting and can also be reused many number of times. In terms of recyclability, jute takes much less energy than paper made from wood. It’s high time we go back to our environment-friendly roots for the planet’s benefit.


Benefits of using Jute

–  Jute bags are reusable and therefore environmentally friendly

–  Jute bags are extremely strong and durable

–  Jute has a very low carbon footprint

–  Jute saves 5.4 million tons of fossil fuel and forest wood per year

–  Jute takes just 3 weeks to degrade

–  Jute plants add rich nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to the soil, while 1 million plastic bags choke the earth every minute

–  Over 5 million families are supported through production and cultivation of jute

Taking cue from the above, jute can truly be the perfect answer when it comes to green packaging solutions. Their strong and sturdy fabric makes them the ideal solution for logistics, manufacturing, and online commerce companies. Due to their golden texture, they are widely perceived to be fashionable too. The fabric can be digitally printed with a logistics company’s logo and related brand images, thus, contributing significantly to enhanced brand visibility (Jute packages have longer shelf life than normal paper-plastic packages and are not viewed by consumers as ‘one time-usable’ items thereby leading to increased utilization and hence better brand recall).

Why Choose Jutify?

Jutify is one of the largest jute conglomerates in India. Commanding a legacy of over six decades, our research and development team continuously works upon smarter methods of spinning and weaving the high-quality yarns into lightweight fine textured fabrics in beautiful colours and designs. Jutify believes in transforming jute from fibre to fashion.

Manufacturing companies, logistics firms, and e-commerce brands can distribute and sell their products in personalized jute packaging from Jutify. We command a wide range of stylish, thematic, and fashionable jute bags. Companies can also customize our jute bags with a logo or brand message to build closer relationships with customers.

For businesses that are looking for the perfect eco-friendly and economical packaging solution, Jutify presents the best choice.

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