What Do The Best Jute Manufacturers of India Have In Common?

Recent climate trends are a warning that years of mindlessly piling our planet with toxic waste has begun to catch up with us. We are in dire need of sustainable alternatives. Thankfully, many people have started taking steps towards a greener world with eco-friendly alternatives and as an alternative, jute has been making rounds in different industries. Since, the jute industry is so close to both our homes and hearts, jute bags manufacturers of India are shouldering the responsibility of delivering the best products and upholding our pride. With the recent surge of jute manufacturers in the market, let’s see what it takes for them to reach to the top! Here are 3 factors that the best jute manufacturers of India have in common:

1. An Impressive Product Range

The versatility of jute materials is widely known. Jute bag manufacturers use it to their advantage by fashioning a good catalogue of products that will appeal to their customers. They make a wide assortment of products like jute shopping bags, gifting bags, lunch bags, wine bags, jute sacks, etc. They also constantly update their production methods through meticulous research and new technology. This is followed up with multiple quality checks at regular intervals to deliver the best quality products.

2. Wide Reach

Globalization has truly widened horizons. Jute products have been receiving a lot of love from all across the globe. The global jute bags market size was reportedly valued at a whopping US$ 2.3 billion in the year 2021! Top jute manufacturers of India make sure to not waste any time in expanding their reach. They generate good revenue by exporting their goods overseas and even take extra measures to advertise them accordingly. The rising popularity of jute bag exporters are a prime example of this. The contribution of online jute shopping portals is of paramount importance in this ongoing boom of jute products.

3. Good Working Conditions

The success of any endeavour is the fruit of its workers’ hard work. The entire work force acts as a mediator between us and Mother Nature and it is by virtue of their wisdom, skill and passion that we can enjoy Her fruits endlessly. This is why, maintaining proper working conditions should be one of the top priorities in every organization. Issues like working under dangerous conditions due to faulty equipment, under or over staffing, unmanageable working hours must be strictly monitored.

An ethically favourable, discrimination and prejudice-free environment should be established at all costs!
A workplace should feel like a family where every worker feels not only financially but also socially, emotionally and psychologically supported. Top jute manufacturers insist upon a cordial relationship with everyone on their team and go out of their way to ensure harmony in their work flow.

Jutify is an established vertically integrated jute conglomerate that ticks off all these boxes in one swift stroke. With a manufacturing capacity of 500 mt. of jute products every day, it has an international presence in over 50 countries! All of Jutify’s products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Shaktigarh Jute Park, West Bengal, established in 1965. With over six decades of experience in the jute industry, it is one of the largest extant manufacturers of jute products. Along with having the best production quality, Jutify is heavily committed towards truly making a difference through vocational, skill development, women empowerment and financial independence programs.


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