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Travelling is an experience in itself. When people visit new places and interact with locals there, it gives them a chance to learn new things – food, culture, heritage, and more! The hospitality industry is in service to make this learning experience more memorable and personalized. Guests mostly expect comfort and relaxation from the hotels they choose to stay in.


All leading names in the hospitality industry are always in the pursuit of surprising their guests – to always be a step ahead of their guests’ expectations. Adopting jute eco-friendly bags can be an innovative way of capturing your guests’ attention. The free toiletries that come with each room can be presented to the guest in a personalised jute bag. The bathrobe and towels can be packaged in this eco-friendly bag with the hotel’s name on it. For returning guests, hotels can gift their loyal customers with a special travel jute bag. Gift shops in the high-end hotels can distribute printed jute bags with each purchase.

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Jute bags are a perfect combination of elegance with sustainability. The raw texture and hard tensile strength make jute bags ideal for both packaging and travelling. They are also completely biodegradable, reusable and recyclable, hence hundred percent eco friendly bags. Leading hotels using jute bags can bring in a new era of a ‘Green Lifestyle’ in the hospitality industry wherein not only organizations but consumers too would be inspired to lead an environment-friendly life by utilizing green materials for daily living. Personalized jute eco friendly bags can also be used for corporate branding and gifting by leading hotel chains to encourage new partnerships or appreciate existing ones. This is one of the easiest, economical ways to promote brand awareness and enhance brand recall. Using Jute bags in the hospitality industry is a step in the right direction for consumers, brand, and the planet.

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The Benefits of using Jute bags 

– Jute bags are reusable and therefore environmentally friendly

– Jute bags are extremely strong and durable

– Jute has a very low carbon footprint

– Jute saves 5.4 million tons of fossil fuel and forest wood per year

– Jute takes just 3 weeks to degrade

– Jute plants add rich nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to the soil, while 1 million plastic bags choke the earth every minute

– Over 5 million families are supported through production and cultivation of jute

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Why Choose Jutify?

Jutify is one of best and biggest jute bag exporters and jute bag manufacturers in India. Commanding a legacy of over six decades, our research and development team continuously works upon smarter methods of spinning and weaving the high-quality yarns into lightweight fine textured fabrics in beautiful colours and designs. Jutify believes in transforming jute from fibre to fashion.

Players from the hospitality industry can use Jutify eco friendly bags as toiletry bags, gym bags, laundry bags, travel bags, or for gifting special customers. Hotels can opt for elegant and classy jute bags from Jutify’s wide range of collection or choose customized solutions. Hotel chains can decide to imprint their logo or a specific brand message on the bags to build closer relationships with customers. Stylish and classy jute bags from Jutify are the greenest and trendiest way of corporate packaging.

For hoteliers and hospitality players who are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, Jutify presents the best choice.

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