The Dawn of ‘Green Care’

Pharmacies are the bedrock of the general healthcare system. Be it a local pharmacy shop or a nation-wide pharmacy chain, consumers regularly visit these stores for their medicinal and hygiene requirements. While all pharmacy retailers deal with medicines and over-the-counter drugs, there are also some stores where bath and body care products are also available. This makes the general public view these stores not only as medical care but lifestyle care centres.

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It’s a known fact. Medicines, lifestyle products are mostly packaged in plastic items that result in uncontrolled pollution. Hence, pharmacists should adopt a sustainable and eco-friendly business module and inspire a green lifestyle among its consumers. For instance, pharmacists could seriously consider using jute bags for storage, packaging, trade, or consumer gifting. Or why not even encourage customers to bring their own eco-friendly bags (jute bags for example) instead of simply giving away a plastic bag for free with every purchase? Jute bag is a bag for life.

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With the government’s plan of a plastic-free India by 2022, the moment has come for pharmacists to think about plastic-free solutions. Jute, also known as the Golden Fibre, is completely biodegradable, reusable and recyclable. Hence, these eco-friendly bags are a better alternative than plastic bags and paper bags for delivering medicines as they are hard-wearing and durable and can carry more weight. They are also water-resistant, making them an ideal choice for storage and packaging. What’s more? Jute bags are quite fashionable too and consumers almost perceive them as a gift rather just any other packing material. Environment-friendliness, fashion, or daily use, jute bags are bags for life.

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Why use Jute bags 

– Jute bags are reusable and therefore environmentally friendly

– Jute bags are extremely strong and durable

– Jute has a very low carbon footprint

– Jute saves 5.4 million tons of fossil fuel and forest wood per year

– Jute takes just 3 weeks to degrade

– Jute plants add rich nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to the soil, while 1 million plastic bags choke the earth every minute

– Over 5 million families are supported through production and cultivation of jute

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Jute bags are can also be used for brand awareness. Pharmacists can choose to personalize jute bags with imprinted brand logos. When a store gives out printed jute bags with their purchases and the consumer reuses these bags for some other purpose, the brand gets promotion among a larger audience. Being more durable than usual bags, they are used for a long time too, hence greater chances of brand recall. Jute bags are classy and elegant; a stylish choice to be a carrier bag for medicines. At the same time, personalized jute bags with aesthetic designs or special consumer-centric messages (5 health tips for instance) also work as a unique means of brand promotion. These are bags that protect life and are bags for life.

Bags for Life

Why Choose Jutify

Jutify is one of the most widely known and largest jute bag exporters and jute bag manufacturers in India. Commanding a legacy of over six decades, our research and development team continuously works upon smarter methods of spinning and weaving the high-quality yarns into lightweight fine textured fabrics in beautiful colours and designs. Jutify believes in transforming jute from fibre to fashion.

Pharmacists can choose elegant and stylish jute bags from Jutify’s wide range of collection or go with more personalized options. As mentioned, they can decide to imprint its logo or a specific brand message on the jute bags to build closer relationships with customers. Jutify bags are the greenest and trendiest way of distributing store purchases. These are not just bags for use but bags for life, bags that inspire better living.

For pharmacists who are on the lookout for an eco-friendly and economical alternative to plastic bags, Jutify presents the best choice.

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