Step towards the New Trend — Green Packaging

Supermarkets witness hundreds of thousands of footfall every day. While that’s an enormous success in business terms, owners of these retail chains also have a massive opportunity in their hands—the power to impact the masses.

Supermarkets command a major section of the packaging industry’s customer base. Flipping the coin, inefficient disposal techniques of environmentally harmful packaging materials such as plastic can enhance pollution levels throughout the nation beyond measurability.


As per The Economic Times, India generates around 5.6 million tonnes of plastic waste annually. Hence, the need for green packaging materials is more pronounced than ever. Amidst such a scenario, one small decision change can have ripples of mass impact throughout India—adopt pro-nature packaging solutions and inspire a ‘green fashionable’ lifestyle.


Talking of such environment-friendly packaging materials, paper bags come to our mind almost instantly. However, they are not durable, not the best packaging item for heavy-weight materials, and can get damaged easily while transport during adverse weather conditions such as rain. Hence jute manufacturing companies manufacturing utility-driven jute bags. Extremely strong, long-lasting, and with low carbon footprint, jute is the ideal ‘green packaging material’ and certainly a new fashion trend too.

Never before environment-friendliness has met with fashion until the ‘Golden Fibre’ appeared.


The Benefits of using Jute bags 

– Jute bags are reusable and therefore environmentally friendly

– Jute bags are extremely strong and durable

– Jute has a very low carbon footprint

– Jute saves 5.4 million tons of fossil fuel and forest wood per year

– Jute takes just 3 weeks to degrade

– Jute plants add rich nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to the soil, while 1 million plastic bags choke the earth every minute

– Over 5 million families are supported through jute manufacturing.


Why Jute Bag Packaging—The Details

Jute bags are not only environmentally beneficiary, but they are also ‘healthy packaging’ solutions. Storing groceries is perfect in jute bags. Even, jute sacks, in its various forms and sizes, have been traditionally used for decades to package, store, and transport staple food items such as rice, wheat, and vegetables such as potatoes, onions, etc.


Jute bag packages are perfect for all types of shopping such as buying utility elements for houses. Through the distribution of personalised jute bags with fancy colours, brand logos, or any specific message-drawing element on top (customized solutions) as packages for bought items, it’s almost a surprise gift to the consumer. While plastic and paper bags are just thrown away after use or seldom utilized again post-trade, these jute bags can become part and parcel of daily life for customers. This helps build personal relationships with buyers and is fantastic for spreading brand awareness and enhancing the brand recall factor.


The third and most important factor is inspiring a green lifestyle among the masses. Through the promotion of an environment-friendly shopping experience, consumers can be motivated to abandon items such as plastic in real life and adopt more green solutions in future. This is not only a much-needed impact but also holding itself out as a sustainable and green-friendly company is a huge boost from a ‘brand perspective’.


Why Choose Jutify?

Jutify is one of the best, largest jute manufacturing companies in India. Commanding a legacy of over six decades, our research and development team continuously works upon smarter methods of spinning and weaving the high-quality yarns into lightweight fine textured fabrics in beautiful colours and designs. Jutify believes in transforming jute from fibre to fashion.

Organizations can opt for elegant and classy jute bags from Jutify’s wide range of collection or choose customized-personalized solutions as mentioned above. The firm can decide to imprint its logo or a specific brand message to build closer relationships and promote brand awareness amongst customers. It is the greenest and trendiest way to package products.

For supermarket owners or decision-makers who want an eco-friendly and economical alternative to plastic bags, Jutify presents the best choice.

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