Jute as Saviour: Implications of Climate Change & The Plastic Ban

Urbanization is akin to a coin that has two sides. While it is true that it has changed the course of the world, it’s also true that its negative consequences have begun to outweigh the positives. The planet is crumbling under the immense pressure of climate change right now.

If the rate of climate change does not slow down, scientists believe that we are fated for a serious crisis sooner than we can imagine. Along with a considerable decrease in icebergs and an increase in permafrost thawing, heat waves are going to rapidly multiply too. This will lead to heavy precipitation, leading to natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and droughts. Rising sea-levels and melting of ice-caps are undeniable proof of the fact that the ball has already started rolling. Thus, we must act before it’s too late!

The good news is that slowly but surely, progress is being made. However, individual efforts are not enough now. Large-scale measures must be taken. Hence, the government’s role in combatting climate change is of utmost importance. Therefore, we must fully cooperate with the Indian Government’s exemplary decision to ban the manufacture, import, stocking, sale, distribution, and use of single-use plastic items
including straws, cups, spoons, plates, polythene bags, etc., effective from 1st July 2022. It is simultaneously a wake-up call and a turning point for us!

Although Indian consumers have been dipping their toes into the world of eco-friendly and sustainable products for a long time, the process is fortunately expedited now. If you are looking for plastic alternatives in the wake of current circumstances, Jutify has got your back! With Jutify, you can choose from a huge range of biodegradable, cost-effective and stylish jute bags for multipurpose use.

When it comes to climate change, we have beaten around the bush enough now. It’s high time for some concrete action. Making choices that will lead us towards a greener future is our main priority now. Remember, if something is good for the planet, then it’s good for you!

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