Fruit & Wood shaving Packaging Bags

Fruit packaging bags

Designed with recycled premium golden jute fibers, Jutify’s eco friendly fruit packaging bags offer food items a breathable, natural environment. So fruits stay fresh for longer period. Especially citrus fruits require breathable packaging because of their nature.

You can also easily identify the food items through the mesh windows of these versatile jute bags. The beautiful double drawstrings makes them easy to carry.

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Advantages of Jutify fruit packaging bags:

  • Easy to open and close with Double drawstrings facility
  • Machine washable and eco-friendly
  • Made of resilient high quality jute fibers to offer optimal durability
  • Breathable mesh windows to vent out toxic ethylene gas while keeping the fruits fresh
  • Beautiful design with hand crafted stitching
  • Safe, reliable and hygienic with the premium quality jute fibers

eco friendly fruit packaging bags

Wood shaving bags:

Most of the people like to carry lightweight and fashionable bags during short vacations.Whether you are going for an office picnic, beach party, camping, or a weekend gateway, wood shavings for packaging would provide you much needed convenience. So, what are you waiting for? Gift these classy and stylish wood shaving bags to your friends and kids on this upcoming festive season.

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Advantages of Jutify wood shaving bags:

  • Drawstrings facility with one main pocket and large capacity
  • Optimal resistant quality with durable jute fibers
  • Foldable and lightweight in nature, easy to carry
  • Machine washable and eco friendly
  • Stylish and neutral in color, perfect for street snap
  • Optimal absorption quality
  • Applied Kiln dried method to kill harmful bacteria and safeguard you from diseases
  • Multipurpose applications, you store food, carry for shopping

Wood shaving bags       wood shavings for packaging

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