Are We Living in the Present or Ruining Future?

The presence of clean air and water has been a major challenge for the settlers of the earth. The environment is getting debilitated due to the uncontrollable usage of non-reusable plastic bags. Every year millions of plastics get dumped into the ocean. It affects the marine life beyond redemption. If we keep on indulging in the usage of plastic bags, bottles and other materials, plastics would be the prime element of the ocean.

So how can we protect the nature for the future generations?  We must start using eco-friendly elements such as jute based products on daily basis than the plastic-based materials. People from several age groups in India have already embraced the “Green Movement” to save the Mother Nature by using jute based products. You can also participate to keep the nature pollution free and green by opting for personalized jute bags for every occasion. Jutify being the premium and authentic Jute bags manufacturers in India offers you a range of personalized jute bags to enhance your persona and style.

Why should you use Jute based material instead of Plastics?

Jute is a biodegradable fiber and an eco-friendly product. Any bag or material made of jute can be recycled and reused, unlike the plastics. Even it can be utilized as compost for soil. Several types of products such as jute shopping bags, printed jute bags, jute based furniture and jute carpets can help you to go eco-friendly. Jute bags even possess better biodegradable properties than paper. It would get destroyed without harming the surrounding environment like other toxic materials.

Why should you gift personalized jute bags to yourself and others?

Distinctive design and durability:

Jutify bags are coupled with outstanding durability and quality. It includes personalized jute bags based on the need of the customers. It can be handbags, vegetable bags, beach bags, tote bags and many more.

Creatively innovative:

We have more than a hundred professional staffs engaged in research and development. Jutify has their own dedicated development area at Shaktigarh Jute Park proximate to Bardhaman, West Bengal to produce best in class personalized jute bags and offer them to the customers. Is the first Greenfield project of the Government of India.

Online order with self-customization:

You can easily accessorize your bags without any hassle and order them online to receive them at your doorstep. You can easily explore and select the prints based on your preference and personify using various add-ons.

Our present lifestyle uses plastics as the convenience but it could make the cycles of nature crippled forever. If we plan to carry a piece of green for each handbag or daily items, we can achieve freedom from the plastic. So, on the eve of 72nd Independence Day, we must take a pledge to make our nation free from plastic bags. Shackles, which are made from plastic items, should not immobilize our dream of a safe and green nation for the future generation.

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