Eco-Friendly Jute Bags

Feb,13 2023
Jutify: the next revolution in sustainable fashion

More and more consumers are switching to sustainable options for their daily needs. We believe in order to build a wider consumer base these days, it is essential to take into account the environmental concerns that are plaguing our society. One important way to do this is to eliminate plastics in your daily use. But … Continue reading “Jutify: the next revolution in sustainable fashion”

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Feb,03 2023
Branding the eco-friendly way!

Jute bags are a popular and eco-friendly alternative to plastic and surprisingly, paper bags as well, making them a great medium for businesses to spread their brand message and promote sustainability at the same time. Recently, with the growth in the number of environmentally conscious consumers, it has become the need of the hour to … Continue reading “Branding the eco-friendly way!”

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Jan,24 2023
Join the Jutify revolution at Ambiente 2023!

Are you interested in promoting your brand with Jute Bags? Jutify is a great place to start. However, we do more than manufacture and export Jute Bags. Our company is vertically integrated, which means we pursue complete vertical integration from fibre to finished bag in jute fabrics. In addition to generating jobs for nearly 18000 … Continue reading “Join the Jutify revolution at Ambiente 2023!”

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Dec,22 2022
Go Green With Jutify!

You don’t have to be environmentally conscious to know that plastics are wreaking havoc on our planet, and our next choice when it comes to bags generally tends towards paper bags. But besides the obvious properties of lack of durability and water-absorbency of Paper, did you know that between Jute and Paper, Jute is the … Continue reading “Go Green With Jutify!”

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Aug,16 2022
Jute: The Next Step of Eco-friendly Fashion

Fashion is an indispensable part of our lives. But in recent times, the term ‘fast fashion’ has become a hot topic for discussion. This alludes to the practice of the manufacture and consumption of large quantity of fashion apparels in a short amount of time. This frantic hoarding of clothes is harmful for both the … Continue reading “Jute: The Next Step of Eco-friendly Fashion”

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Jul,22 2022
The Link Between Sustainability and Community Harmony

It’s no news that sustainability is intricately linked with the harmony of our community. In fact, it won’t be a stretch to say that sustainability and development are synonymous with each other. Thus, it should be our top priority right now to band together to protect the peace of our society by taking the necessary … Continue reading “The Link Between Sustainability and Community Harmony”

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Jul,12 2022
Jute as Saviour: Implications of Climate Change & The Plastic Ban

Urbanization is akin to a coin that has two sides. While it is true that it has changed the course of the world, it’s also true that its negative consequences have begun to outweigh the positives. The planet is crumbling under the immense pressure of climate change right now. If the rate of climate change … Continue reading “Jute as Saviour: Implications of Climate Change & The Plastic Ban”

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Jun,29 2022
Jute: An Integral Part of the Zero Waste Lifestyle

Waste pollution has become alarmingly rampant in our world. If we do not resort to immediate measures to mitigate this massive encroachment of waste upon our lives, the damage will soon become irreversible. Fortunately, people are becoming aware of this reality and the zero waste lifestyle has become quite popular these days. If you are … Continue reading “Jute: An Integral Part of the Zero Waste Lifestyle”

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May,31 2022
How are Jute Bags Making a Difference to the Environment?

Did you know jute is a widely available natural fabric? This makes jute a crucial choice in today’s fashion when faced with environmental crises like climate change and waste management. But many question the relevance of jute as a trendy option for bags. Do you think so too? Then read on to know why jute … Continue reading “How are Jute Bags Making a Difference to the Environment?”

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May,13 2022
Why Are Jute Bags The Better Alternative?

Our planet’s desperate need for eco-friendly alternatives cannot be ignored. Prolonged use of harmful materials has already taken a heavy toll on our environment and serious steps need to be taken to ameliorate our present condition. When it comes to battling pollution, jute bags have time and again proven to be the better alternative compared … Continue reading “Why Are Jute Bags The Better Alternative?”

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Feb,10 2020
Environment-Friendly Packaging — Need of the Hour!

Plastic pollution is starting to have catastrophic effects on the world’s ecosystem. One of the biggest sources of plastic pollution is its use in daily living—packaging. From vegetables to food packets, several household commodities are sold in plastic packets. As the government takes more steps to reduce plastic usage, hence, manufacturing-logistics companies too need to … Continue reading “Environment-Friendly Packaging — Need of the Hour!”

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Sep,28 2018
Fruit & Wood shaving Packaging Bags

Fruit packaging bags Designed with recycled premium golden jute fibers, Jutify’s eco friendly fruit packaging bags offer food items a breathable, natural environment. So fruits stay fresh for longer period. Especially citrus fruits require breathable packaging because of their nature. You can also easily identify the food items through the mesh windows of these versatile … Continue reading “Fruit & Wood shaving Packaging Bags”

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