Wood Saving Package Solution: Your New Storage Option.

Bags made of natural material such as jute are considered as one of the best eco-friendly packaging options. Be it shopping or packaging of fruits and vegetables or wood shaving packaging, a jute bag is the best option. The main reason behind this is that the jute shopping bags are completely natural and bio-degradable. After disposal, a plastic bag takes around 1000 years to decompose whereas a jute or cotton bags decompose within a few weeks or months.


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Jute is a natural fiber which is affordable and available in abundance.  The strong fiber is the secret behind its high durability. Furthermore, it can be reused and is smooth which makes it easy to use. The natural material jute has a different charisma and this is why jute bags are used as corporate gifts.

The debate plastic Vs jute has an undisputed winner. Today, jute bags are an excellent alternative to the traditional plastic bags in terms of eco-friendly packaging solutions. Furthermore, these jute bags are water-resistant and so becoming a growing trend when it comes to beach bags.


In terms of storage, a jute bag is again miles ahead of plastic bags. Non-biodegradable nature is not the only devastating accolade you can associate with plastic bags. The harmful chemicals such as BPA and DEHA present in plastic bags reacts with the content causing harmful effects. This is why using a plastic bag is a strict no-no when it comes to storage.

On the other hand, jute shopping bags or jute storage bags are hardy and can withstand a substantial amount of weight at a time which makes it ideal for wood shaving packaging or food storage.

People today are aware of the harmful effects of plastic bags and are seeking eco-friendly options. This is where Jutify comes into the picture. Jutify is one of the most renowned jute bag brands in India. They have a wide variety of handmade and machine stitched jute bags which cater to every need.

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There are no reasons why one won’t switch to jute bags. So, start your jute journey today and make a bold statement.

Jutify Bags: The New Way to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables.

At a time when the Earth is growing narrower every day in terms of a clean atmosphere, there is no place for using any form of plastic. Today, plastic is deadlier than any atomic power plant killing millions of marine species every year.

The bad news is that plastic’s wrong-doings are not just limited to the innocent marine mammals, even it adversely affect the well-being of the human species.  We are unknowingly digging our own grave by using this deadly material which goes by the name of PLASTIC.

The biggest problem is that plastic has already become an integral part of our lives. From shopping to the packaging of fruits and vegetables, we always rely on plastics because it is easily available and cheap.

Packing vegetables in the refrigerator in plastic bags is a common habit. And it is high time that we reject this practice.  Remember an apple a day no longer keeps the doctor away if stored in a plastic bag.

But Why?

Plastic wastes take around 1000 years to breakdown. Furthermore, plastic is made of harmful chemicals such as DEHA and BPA which reacts with the citric acid present mainly in the citrus fruits when kept for long. These chemicals leach into the fruits and vegetables and wreak havoc on your health. It severely affects the endocrine system and can also cause hormonal changes in the human body.

The veggies that we store in plastic bags are more like us, they need to breathe. A plastic bag obstructs the airflow and helps the bacteria and pests to have a feast.  As a result, the fruits and veggies get contaminated.

This is why you should not rely on plastic bags for packaging of fruits and vegetables.

Then What?

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Don’t worry! Your veggies are in safe hands as there are many Eco-friendly packaging options. Bio-degradable bags made of jute, cotton, hemp, and paper can be your best option. These eco-friendly packaging bags will keep your favorite fruits and vegetables fresh.


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Finding a premium quality jute bag for storage is no more a Herculean task. And this is where Jutify has got your back. Jutify is one of the leading jute bag manufacturers in India. They have a wide variety of jute bags which come in various appealing shapes and classy designs tailor-made for your style.


Here are some cool features of the jute bags manufactured by Jutify:

  • Fine Quality: Machine stitched and special pattern stitching. These bags are made from the highest quality of jute which contributes to its durability. Unlike plastic bags, it can be reused.
  • Sturdy and Strong: It is the ultimate storage solution. These bags are designed to withstand heavy weights. It remains strong and prevents your vegetables and fruits from mixing up against each other.
  • Various Sizes: The jute bags come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate every unique situation.

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Start switching to jute bags and make your contribution to a healthy and safer Earth. For more details, connect with us on http://bhtech.in/jutify/contact/ or mail to info@jutify.in / jutifyretail@jutify.com