We share the same passion as that of the Scottish visionaries of the 1800’s, who discovered the Jute plant – a multi utility fibre. The discovery of the Jute plant was the answer to the most pressing problem of their times – packaging. They engineered this golden fibre by weaving it into jute sacks and bags, which provided the most economical and strongest packaging for all products.

Over time, plantations of jute spread many folds and with rapid industrialization it created jobs to over millions adding value to the World economy by creating a packaging solution for all uses – agricultural, industrial or household.

Unfortunately, with the advent of synthetic material in the late 1900’s, the ‘golden fibre’ lost its sheen. Synthetic materials provided cheaper packaging - blinding the consumers, and causing immense damage to the planet. Synthetic material is our planet's biggest problem today – draining out useful resources, clogging our drains, polluting our lives, killing animal & plants and causing indirect loss to the World economy just for its disposal.

Jute can transform our future - It was this conviction that led our promoters and forefathers to enter the industry of Jute, the golden fibre.

Over the last three decades, our group and its promoters have been associated with Jute, and have now become Industry captains leading it to new heights.

We have a capacity to manufacture over 500MT of jute products per day. We manufacture export quality yarn, sacking bags, hessian fabric, ropes, shopping bags, soil-saver cloth and many other speciality fabric, bags and products.

Our facilities include multiple composite jute mills, stitching houses, engineering divisions and Research & Development departments.With our size and scale, we are the largest manufacturers of jute products in the World having international presence in over 50 countries. We employ more than 18,000 workmen, and over 1000 professionals with varied skills and experiences.

Our Group has found success through satisfying its customers by meeting their varied needs and addressing to quality and delivery required by them. Our goal is to add value for our stakeholders and our customers. End-of-the-line focus on consistent performance inspired us to blend nature with technology and conceive an interesting range of jute items. From traditional to contemporary, no effort is spared to enhance the value of the golden fibre.